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in the morning, when we rise … that’s the time I love the best

These birds will not sit still for me. Or rather they won’t perch still on the feeder in my magnolia, just off the porch. It’s like they know I’m here with my phone camera trying to snap a picturesque shot, … Continue reading

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blessings for a day: donuts, kids and Marge

Community comes in many forms: parades, high school football games, music festivals. Today, I celebrate the community of Marge’s Donut Den. I was down there this morning for the 40th anniversary of this beautifully bustling place on 28th Street SW … Continue reading

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farewell to a friend and an educator’s educator

I love it when life circles you back to meaningful people. I met Mike Paskewicz nearly 30 years ago when I embarked on the Class of 2000 series for The Grand Rapids Press. We reconnected when I joined School News … Continue reading

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yes, great teachers do make a difference

This story, part of a yearlong series on poverty we are doing at School News Network, took me into the classrooms of two remarkable teachers in Grand Rapids. For a fuller glimpse of what they do there, you can check … Continue reading

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an American in England, dreaming

It’s very English out there in Grand Rapids today, cool, gray and drizzly. The kind of day that on the old island breeds chilblains, British reserve, cozy pubs and great writers. It was this kind of day when my sister … Continue reading

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from abuse to empowerment, dancing all the way

Note from me: For faithful readers who may have been wondering what I’ve been up to, when not writing for The Grand Rapids Press/MLive, here you go. I am one of five reporters for School News Network, which covers the students … Continue reading

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words in the rubble, stories in the wind

They dig like dinosaurs, chomping into the earth These fearsome metal-jawed excavators Hauling up mouthfuls of rocky dirt, cement block, rusty rebar Kicking up the grimy, dusty detritus Of the old word factory. They tear and rend like T-Rexes These … Continue reading

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