for you Mom, one year later

You loved kittens

You loved children and kittens
You tucked me in and calmed my fears
You taught me how to cook tomato noodle soup
You packed my lunch every day
You gave me your butterscotch pudding when I spilled mine and bawled
You played the piano with gusto
You listened to music with eyes closed
You laughed like a little girl
You kissed me one New Year’s Eve before going out with Dad
You bragged about me, and Mike, and Maureen
You took on the big boys fearlessly
You read your Free Press like a Bible
You comforted me when I cried about my lost sports career
You listened to Emily sing like she was Beverly Sills
You listened to Max play piano like he was Van Cliburn
You praised my articles like I was Mike Royko
You laughed till you cried at “Best in Show”
You left me phone messages that began with “Hey Char!”
You would visit and later say, “Your Father and I thought that was just a perfect day”
You lighted up like the sun and kissed me when I came to visit
You loved my friends
You listened to my band
You came to my rescue
You ate pie before the night of your heart operation
You watched Valverde close another game in your last week
You said you were ready to cross the river
You come to me now in my dreams
You speak to me now when I need you to
You are still with me, and always will be
You are my Mom, and I will always miss you
– July 10, 2012

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6 Responses to for you Mom, one year later

  1. Martha Allen says:

    Beautiful, Char. I choke up to read this but it is lovely.

  2. Thanks Charley..It seems like only yesterday..and not one year. She was and is all of that. I love and miss her too. I can still hear her voice, and hear her laugh. It was always an honor and a pleasure when she’d cross the street to talk. She was special. She was a communicator. I liked that. During the last years she’d call my mom and say; “Margaret…will you pray for….”. She trusted mom, being a woman of faith. I believe she may have believed mom had a hotline to heaven. (She was right). Mom would say..” can pray too.”
    Charley this writing is pure and intimate. It’s the stuff that touches peoples hearts.

    • Sue Tracy OP says:

      I join the others in thanking God for the priceless preciousness of your Mom as I visualize her fully immersed in whatever that Eternal Life/Great Beyond actually is. I believe she is still lovingly aware of your entire Honey Family as she and your Dad click glasses at the eternal banquet together with deep satisfaction of what you’re all about. Carry on her unique legacy, Charley… Always, Sue Tracy

  3. Marg says:

    This was beautiful Char. She did laugh like a little girl. I can still hear her.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Love ~Marg

  4. julie southwell says:

    what lovely memories, Charley. I remember going to see your mom to have her replace the body of a young friend’s doll. She did a fabulous job! Such a
    nice tribute to her.

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