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hoops in the barn, dreams of the heart

Seeing Morgan William’s game-winning shot that toppled seemingly unbeatable UConn, and sent the Mississippi State’s women’s team to the NCAA championship game, reminded me of what giant dreams a little person can accomplish. Occasionally. William, described by The New York … Continue reading

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Ed Dobson ran the good race, with laughter

This is how I think of Ed Dobson most often: laughing. I loved it when Ed cracked up. He had a delightful, goofy laugh, a hysterical intake of breath, in contrast to the serious attitude he adopted when it came … Continue reading

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the light and the dark, vying for the day

Andrea and I put up the tree Sunday night. The humble Fraser fir had sat naked for a day in my living room, after I’d carted it from the tree farmer’s lot off Lake Michigan Drive. We draped it with … Continue reading

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had to cry today, and also run

A few days after seeing the fleeting supergroup Blind Faith perform in 1969, I awoke in the middle of the night with a song banging through my head. It was “Had to Cry Today,” the opening track of both the … Continue reading

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Keith Richards vs. the earworms: who will win?

There’s no telling when or why a song gets stuck in my head. One especially troubling instance happened in the summer of 1976, when I was a young man cavorting in England. Seemingly out of nowhere appeared a brief instrumental … Continue reading

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the Beatles still speak to us, though much has changed

Music lovers of all ages have been blessed to experience the era of the Beatles in real time. It’s sort of like, “Mozart? Oh yeah, I saw him when he was first playing gigs in Salzburg. Dude was incredible!” I … Continue reading

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a game ever green: memory, childhood and the abiding beauty of baseball

Besides being a wonderful game in itself, baseball has a way of connecting people across time, societal groups and generations. I recently presented a program about baseball’s beauty and community-creating qualities at the Catholic Information Center of the Grand Rapids … Continue reading

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