how 20 years of life became a book

Front coverThe wonderful Russ Burpee, who used to greet worshippers in our church foyer with a warm hand and beaming smile, told me more than once: “You ought to collect your columns into a book, Charley. People would read it.”
I took his advice seriously, admiring Russ as I did. But I didn’t act on it. After all, my columns appeared every week in The Grand Rapids Press Religion section. Why would people want to read the same columns again just because they were bound together, and pay money for them to boot?
But as the years went by, the idea seemed to gain merit. The longer you stick with something it seems to acquire more value. Being a plumber for 20 years deserves a certain recognition. As I closed in on two score years of religion writing, a greatest-hits package beckoned.
Thus “Faith on First: Thoughts on God, Nature and Sacrifice Bunts,” which collects four score of the more than 900 columns I’ve written since 1994. That was when The Press’ previous religion editor, Ed Golder, asked me if I would like to inherit his job. Incredibly, I said yes, and even more incredibly, I loved it.
I hope that love is evident in the columns I’ve assembled. Truly, in my 35 years as a reporter and editor, no news beat has brought me as much reward as religion. In covering the meaning of life from week to week, I’ve met so many wonderful, interesting and inspiring people, some internationally famous, some who live down the block. It’s been a privilege to write about them, whether it’s the giggling wisdom of the Dalai Lama, the fortitude of Ed Dobson, the pot-stirrings of Rob Bell or the genius of Anthony Torrone and his amazing Lego creations.
It’s been a pleasure as well as to offer my thoughts on issues of the day and questions of the age. Such as: How did the universe begin? Where does the time go when it goes? Why doesn’t God answer when I ask him simple questions? And why do I keep losing my glasses?
The book also includes two of the blogs I’ve written here, a foreword by my friend and fellow journalist Pat Shellenbarger and an entirely made-up commentary by my favorite Detroit Tigers broadcasters.
Indeed, baseball is the colorful thread that ties these essays together, much like the Dude’s rug in “The Big Lebowski.” Baseball’s slow, ritual rhythms comfort my perpetually worried soul like a Gregorian chant. Why “Faith On First”? Because being on first base means you’ve gotten there through good effort. It feels good to be there, with the hope of rounding more bases and possibly coming home – much like the reassurance of faith.
If this sort of thing interests you, my book is available at Schuler Books & Music in Grand Rapids, where I will have a book-signing at 7 p.m. on May 8. If you don’t live in West Michigan, you can order it at, go to “Browse Our Shelves” and click on “Local Authors.”  Or just send me an email at
Self-promotion goes against the grain of any self-respecting reporter. But if Russ Burpee felt I should publish a book, that’s good enough for me. I hope you agree.

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3 Responses to how 20 years of life became a book

  1. Michael Honey says:

    yo bro, fantastic!! i’m forwarding to pat and maureen, just in case. looking forward to reading it. we will order a copy by mail. what a great cover!! a long time coming and great to see. love, mike

  2. Carolyn Heines says:

    I am SO glad you published this book and can’t wait to read it. You are a beautiful soul with deep insight and a great writer besides. I feel blessed to have you as a friend. Love, Carolyn

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