as I walked out on Easter morning

daffodilsAs I walked out on Easter morning
Daffodils cheered the sunrise
Standing strong and straight and green
Reaching for the good new day.
Canada geese welcomed me
With their sharp exuberant honks
Flying from the river by the park
Over the still sleeping town.
Birds sang life’s most hopeful song
The one that celebrates light
Returning from the darkness
Chickadees and mourning doves
Raising a cantata of joy.
Like a young boy jumping out of bed
His feet hitting the cold floor
His legs carrying him to the ball field
Or to his banged-up bicycle
To toss the morning paper
On a hundred waiting porches:
That was what this day was like
To me, the once-young boy
Standing on my parents’ porch
Clutching a cup of coffee
Hot and strong and sweet
Like grandma always made it
Listening to the song
Looking at the flowers
Smelling the sweet soft air
Watching for the light
Just then breaking to life
Beyond the corn fields.

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4 Responses to as I walked out on Easter morning

  1. Glenys Nellist says:

    Love this Charley! I’ve got that picture of you as a youngster in my mind…

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