Faith On First reviewed in land of the Twins

Front coverLifelong Tigers fan though I am, I was pleased to see a review of “Faith On First: Thoughts on God, Nature and Sacrifice Bunts” in The Visitor, a publication of the Catholic Diocese of St. Cloud. It is written by John Rosengren, award-winning author of eight books including “Hank Greenberg: The Hero of Heroes” and the recently released “The Fight of Their Lives: How Juan Marichal and John Roseboro turned Baseball’s Ugliest Brawl into a Story of Forgiveness and Redemption.”
Writes Rosengren, “Honey is able to find the spiritual dimension of seemingly ordinary events and normal people in daily life through a variety of lenses. … Rather than gushing with sentimentality or proselytizing with righteous fervor, Honey gently probes these people and situations to uncover their goodness. The result is easy reading, one column giving way to another, with a gradual reassurance that the Spirit moves freely through it all.”
The full review can be read here.
I’m grateful to Rosengren for his generous review, and to all of you who may have read the book. If not, it may be purchased here from Schuler Books & Music. If you’re looking for some beach reading or pregame inspiration for the All-Star Game, it may be just the thing!

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2 Responses to Faith On First reviewed in land of the Twins

  1. Wonderful well deserved review

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